Self Motivation

Possibly the hardest and most critical element of HSC success is self motivation.

But how do you keep motivated for 52 weeks straight?

Unfortunately, there is not one answer or a magic formula – but there are a number of things you can try to keep the motivation at a high level.

We have outlined 6 things you can do to try and keep those motivational juices flowing.


1. What’s your ‘why’?

Why are you completing the HSC? What is your reason for 52 weeks of study?

Do you need an ATAR for your dream career? Do you want to achieve a great result to include in your resume once you leave school? Perhaps you want to better your siblings HSC results just to rub it in their face?

Whatever the reason – be clear on it now

The stronger the reason/s the easier it will be to motivate yourself during this upcoming year.


2. Inspiration Board

Collect pictures of your goals and whatever will inspire you to work hard.

These could include photos of your dream job, motivational quotes, your dream home, where you want to be in 5 years time or a picture of the DUX plaque hanging up in the office at your school. It could even be pictures of your reward if you achieve your HSC goal e.g. Skoolies, cash, the paper you want your name mentioned in as the highest achiever.

Use these pictures to put on your “inspiration board”. You could use a cork-board, stick the pictures on an A2 piece of cardboard, or make a collage on your diary, folder or computer desktop. This inspiration board then needs to be somewhere you can see it often.

TIP: change the pictures/ rearrange the pictures every month so you don’t get used to it or it may lose it’s effect.


3. Set Mini-Goals

As soon as you begin to think “it’s all too much” your motivation (and confidence) will go out the window. 

Create mini-goals to achieve each week. For instance:
– Complete section one of PDHPE assessment
– Finish study notes about the energy systems


4. Small Rewards for those Small Goals

With each goal put in place a reward and a consequence. 

These incentives don’t need to be huge – they could simply be “If I complete all my homework for the week I can play football on Sunday”. Foods are always a good incentive – for example, if you do not complete your daily homework you will only have a basic, plain meal – but if you do complete it you can have a delicious healthy dinner (and perhaps a dessert?).


5. Big Rewards for those Big Achievements

You could also set some bigger rewards when you achieve some of your bigger goals… mind blowing, right?


6. Be Accountable

If we make sure someone else simply knows of our goals, as well as it’s rewards and consequences – we will be likely work harder to achieve them.

Choose someone you trust, who will encourage you, who will help you if needed and be honest/harsh with you (parents, best friends or teachers are a good choice) and tell them about the goals and the incentives you have set for yourself.

Ask them to help you follow through with these incentives. e.g. if you do not complete all your homework for the day – your parents may not drive you to football training.

Always remember…

There is more than the HSC pathway to achieving your dream job so don’t stress out too much or too often. If you are becoming anxious, please let your guardians know and/or teachers know or go see a health professional. If you need to chat to a professional, click here to be redirected to BeyondBlue