Using a checklist is something everyone completing their HSC should be doing daily. Not only does this remind you what needs to be done, but it keeps the simple things routine and can help motivate you.

How is it different to a schedule?

Well, it is not something that tells you what to do and when to do it, but instead reminds you what needs to be done. By ticking off each thing you complete will motivate you, as you will feel a sense of achievement when you have completed something and cross it off.

As the day goes on you will see progress being made and know you are on the right path to HSC success.

Here are some of the things that should be on every daily checklist:
• Complete all work in class
• Homework
• Study: writing notes, past papers, quizzes, etc
• Exercise
• Hobby

Optional or you might put in a schedule for a certain day each week:
• Work on assessments
• Goals and rewards for your weekly achievements

Checklist for your Course Content

In our Ultimate Study Notes Booklet for each topic (available in our flipped classroom community), we have a checklist of each dot point and dash point from the syllabus. This is designed so both teachers and students can check off each learning requirement and put the date next to each one as to when it was completed. You can download the

Why put the date?
By putting the date next to each dot point / dash point:
• you will be able to see how long ago you completed something and if you might need a revision session
• if you are away, you can estimate when something was taught in class and search through your friends notes (providing they date things of course!)
• you can be certain you have learnt that content in class
• ensure your class has covered each dot point / dash point