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David Gardiner


Meaghan Ireland


Brent Varga


About Us

We are three keen PDHPE teachers building an online PDHPE community where learning is student focused, but considers the time limitations of the teacher. We have built a platform that helps teachers either Flip the Classroom or InFlip their HSC PDHPE and CAFS classes.

Building these online courses takes a lot of time, money and effort. We have dedicated countless hours to this website and we pride ourselves on the quality resources we’ve created so far. We will be adding free content to the website, but you can join us inside our Flipped Classroom Membership to access all our content right now.

Either way, we appreciate you taking the time to hang out with us here at improvingpdhpe.com

Enjoy the (developing) site!

David, Meaghan and Brent
The Improving PDHPE Team

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